Building upon today's data deluge, very large scalce computing is becoming available in different contexts. We exploit it for research and service in complex systems as well as novel ICT.

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Sexual Network Model




Information Spreading in Dynamic Networks






Elementary Dynamic Networks

Welcome to PetaByte Research!

PetaByte Research Ltd is a nonprofit research organization located in Hungary, and run by computational science professionals. We deal with complex systems, network science, large scale disaggregated modeling, integrated data management for experimental research, as well as scientometrics and social media, to list the main application areas.

PetaByte Ltd was established in 2010. It has been the Hungarian partner in the DynaNets FP7 project, possesses research contracts with major Hungarian institutions, such as the country's prime research university, Eötvös University, or NEFMI, the Hungarian Ministry for Resources.

PetaByte's members participate in various other RTD projects supported by national and international grant-giving organizations ranging from EC FP7 framework programs to Hungary's National Innovation Office (formerly NKTH).

We are a supporting partner for the FuturICT
FET flaghsip proposal, 2012